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Lake Waikaremoana

24 February 2014

Ko Te Waikaukau o na Mātua Tupuna Ko Panekire Te Mauna Ko Haumapuhia Te Tipua Ko Waikaretaheke Te Awa Ko Te Umuariki Te Tanata Ko Tūhoe Te Iwi Remote, rugged, immense, the forests of Te Urewera contains the largest forested wilderness remaining in the North Island – 213,000 hectares. It is famous for its lakes and...

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Tūhoe and horses

20 February 2014

Hoiho (Horses) Europeans introduced horses to New Zealand from the early 19th century. Māori immediately saw the advantages but at first horses were uncommon and expensive, so only chiefs owned them. Government officials often gifted horses to chiefs as a sign of goodwill. From the 1840s, some tribes had significant numbers of horses and...

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