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Weekly IC Soundbites

14 April 2020

Weekly Economic Bites – 13 April 2020 TUHOE - TE URU TAUMATUA Prepared by the Investment Committee Commentary on the .19 environment for the Board and Executive of Tuhoe Te Uru Taumatua. Tourism Border controls could be in place until a vaccine is ready, which has been estimated as 12 to 18 months away. Border measures are unlikely to...

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Road to Nature

28 June 2019
 - Posted by Tylee Hudson to Tuhoe Iwi Kaupapa

Last month, the New Zealand transport agency alerted Tūhoe that Wairoa Distict Council made an application for the Provincial Growth Fund. The reason Tūhoe were alerted was because Wairoa District Council stated in their PGF application they wanted to seal SP38 that runs through Te Urewera, and that they had consulted with, and gained the...

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