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Te Urewera at rest

18 April 2017
 - Posted by Herehere Titoko to Arts

No one really knew the damage Debbie would cause and for most people it brought tragedy to their everyday lives and their homes.  But for one person, this was an opportunity for having the biggest natural makeover in one night. Cyclone Debbie came with its mighty winds and rain then powered its way through Te Urewera.  The winds too...

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Tuhoe Real Estate

22 March 2017

Jo Tuhoro (Hamua) grew up in a 2 bedroom whare built by her Koro Charlie. Nurtured by her nanny and koro, and surrounded by her many aunties, uncles and cousins, Jo remembers how Tūhoe values and beliefs were instilled in her from a young age.   “Our grandparents taught us that family should always be your focal point and it...

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