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The Organisation

The organisation, Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua, was established as an outcome of Blueprint in 2011.  The Blueprint records Tūhoe views on the framework and foundation of Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua providing clear focus and priorities for the organisation.

Our purpose

Te Uru Taumatua is concerned with Iwi level strategy, policy and action where Tūhoetana facilitates and leads to prosperous and healthy Tūhoe whānau, Tūhoe communities and our Te Urewera homeland. 

Our vision is the permanency of Tūhoetana enabled by unlocking the unity potential of Te Mana Motuhake o Tūhoe, a bold but necessary task to pursue.  Central to this approach are the aspirations and plans of the Tribal Authorities (the Tribals) where tribal leadership is shared.

Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua has four units;

Anamata - Tūhoe Future's

Ōnukurani - The Tūhoe Biosphere

Iwi - Tūhoe People

Whairawa - Tūhoe Infrastructure and Resources

We collaborate across the organisation, with the Tribals and experts inside and outside the Tūhoe rohe to raise and secure Tūhoe permanency and prosperity.


Futures’ is concerned with strategy, resourcing and planning for Tūhoe longevity.  The office must provide a powerhouse of relevant, honest and current information that is directly about Tūhoe.

Ōnukurani - Tūhoe Biosphere

Designing and delivering a professional and Tūhoe tikana approach to governing, growing and managing the environmental and biodiversity tāona on and in our land, rivers and forests is the key concern of Ōnukurani.  Of immediate priority is plans and capability to manage Te Urewera and other Iwi-controlled natural resources.

Iwi – Tūhoe People

The Iwi unit is primarily concerned with providing an Iwi wide view on social strategy, social policy and social investment.  Establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with the Iwi of Tūhoe primarily through the Tribals is an important priority.  Engaging and inviting input from Tūhoe experts is an expectation.  The Iwi unit will prioritise the brokering of relationships with alternative providers best able to deliver to Tūhoe who live away.

Whairawa – Infrastructure & Resources

The aim of the Whairawa unit is to enhance Te Mana Motuhake o Tūhoe through greater economic participation and self-sufficient actions of its Tribal communities and Iwi members.  Managing the growth and return of undertakings and opportunities will lead to Tūhoe dominance of industry and the economy within the Tūhoe rohe boundary.

ohana – Subsidiary Entities

Te Uru Taumatua is a stakeholder in a number of entities or companies.  These entities also serve the vision and mission potential of Tūhoe. 

The subsidiaries include:

Tūhoe Charitable Trust

Goal: To distribute benefits to Tūhoe whānui.

The purpose is to promote the health and wellbeing of Tūhoe people, to support marae-hapū and whārua growth. Therefore ensuring the sustainability and permanency of Tūhoe communities. The Tūhoe Charitable Trust is a registered Charitable Trust a wholly owned subsidiary of Tūhoe – Te Uru Taumatua.

Central North Island (CNI) Iwi Holdings

Goal: To hold and manage CNI lands and make distributions to CNI Iwi of which Tūhoe is a member.

CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd is an asset holding company that holds Tūhoe land interests in Kaingaroa. The company is a collective structure made up of 8 Central North Island Iwi (CNI); Nāti Tūwharetoa, Nāti Manawa, Nāti Whare, Nāti Raukawa, Nāti Ranitihi, Nāti Whakaue, Te Pūmautana o Te Arawa and Tūhoe.

Tūhoe Fisheries Quota (TFQL) Limited

Tūhoe Fisheries Quota Limited manages the Tūhoe fisheries settlement assets, that is made up of quota (a share of fish species) and income shares in Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd.

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