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Tūhoe wahine league team

17 September 2015

We caught up with Janie Kaafi (Tamaruarangi/Tamakaimoana) and Anahera Rapana (Ngati Rongo) who tell us of their journey having Tūhoe wahine represented in the New Zealand Rugby League. Janie, Captain of the Waimana Womens Rugby teamed up with Alex Wickliffe - the Captain of the Rotoiti Womens team, and with their powers combined pulled a skilled...

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Tūhoe Talks - Ati Teepa

9 September 2015
 - Posted by Tylee Hudson to Arts

Tūhoe talks - ati teepa An electric clash of archival footage overlaid with tounge and cheek colours and patterns, Ati Teepa responds to the black and white images of 20th Century photographer Malcolm Ross by adding his own lively...

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