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Ngā Hapū o Tūhoe

The number of active Tūhoe hapū can increase and decrease depending on the fortunes and ambitions of the Iwi. At the time of the Tūhoe negotiations with the Crown, the Te Kotahi a Tūhoe list of Tūhoe hapū in their mandate, numbered some 65.

Most hapū continue to have an active ahi kā presence throughout the rohe while others have been absorbed by intermarriage to existing Tūhoe hapū. Rather than say that some of these hapū are extinct we prefer the view that they are inactive.

The histories of hapū are both distinct and intersected. It would be true to say that no hapū stands isolated, independent by history or whakapapa, and it is very likely that Tūhoe people may easily connect themselves to all Tūhoe hapū by their whakapapa. 

You may notice that a number of hapū for instance Ngāti Tawhaki and Ngāti Rongo have multiple marae, therefore, their presence within a rohe is duplicated. This has raised questions about representation either by hapū or marae, for the reasons that some hapū may be advantaged by their duplication.

Significantly there are a number of Tūhoe whānau / communities that are located outside of the Tūhoe region in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Waikato, Rotorua, and further yet in Australia, Canada and England.

Characteristically Tūhoe have been good at rallying and organizing themselves where ever they may reside. We must remember 80% of Tūhoe are in fact living outside of the Tūhoe rohe so this comes as good news that Iwi members continue to be interested with each other.

For information about your hapū you can contact your marae committee, the marae trustees, your key community resource people like Kaumātua, Iwi leaders or relevant Tūhoe training and education organisations.

To find your hapū you can search the list of Tūhoe marae here.


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