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Permission for Hunting

Welcome to our new Te Urewera permission for hunting process – please complete in full and a 4 month permit beginning from the time of your application will be emailed to you.

There are hunting restrictions for some areas within Te Urewera, these will be highlighted on your hunting permit so please become familiar with these before you head out. For seasonal hunting with pigdogs, please visit our permission for hunting with pigdogs page.

Te Urewera Board authorises and supports only your safe and responsible hunting experience.

Your key responsibilities are set out below and are summarised here:

  • Know where hunting is permitted and respect no hunting zones.
  • Find out if the area you plan to hunt in has any special conditions which you need to support.
  • Seek out local knowledge that might help with safety issues.

Please carry the permit with you while you are in Te Urewera.

Hunting Application

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Apart from Hunting what else will you be doing in Te Urewera?*
What general area of Te Urewera are you going to?

Nā Kawa Ō Te Urewera

This section sets out the kawa that are to be followed in Te Urewera.

  1. This permit only allows ground based non-commercial hunting of introduced wild animals (deer, pigs, goats) within the timeframe specified as the "valid period" and in accordance with these kawa.
  2. This permit does not allow the taking of dogs into Te Urewera. 
  3. This permit is only valid for the restricted or open hunting takiwā (area) shown on the map issued with this permit. You must ensure that you are only hunting in an open hunting area or if in a restricted area you must respect the specific conditions operating there.
  4. This permit does not provide a right of access over any private Tūhoe land.
  5. This permit only allows the use of centre fire rifles of calibre .222 Remington or larger, or crossbows and bows that meet the minimum standard referred to on the Tūhoe website. Shotguns, rim fire rifles, and .22 Hornet are not permitted.
  6. Hunters wishing to use a firearm must abide by the conditions of the Arms Act 1983, the Arms Code 2013. See the Tūhoe website for specific Firearm Safety information.
  7. There must be no discharge of a firearm within 500 metres of huts, tracks, campsites, road ends or any other public place in a manner that endangers property or endangers, frightens or annoys people.
  8. There must be no discharge or loading of a firearm or other weapon within 500 metres either side of the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk.
  9. Spotlighting is prohibited.
  10. For safety reasons, there must be no hunting during the hours of darkness (from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise).
  11. There must be no carcasses or offal left near or in visitor facilities or waterways.                          
I agree to follow Nā Kawa o Te Urewera*
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