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Permission for Hunting with Pigdogs


If you are intending to hunt your pigdogs in Te Urewera during the season from 1 May to the Friday before Labour weekend  this year, here are some of the key things you need to be aware of:

Access to Te Urewera with dogs is a privilege not a right. Dogs continue to pose a risk to kiwi and other ground birds and lost dogs form packs of wild dogs which are difficult to eliminate.

In considering to allow the use of dogs in Te Urewera, Te Urewera Board has determined that apart from dog use for management purposes only pigdogs may be permitted, to control pig numbers where that provides a restorative effect to Te Urewera.

A map of pigdog hunting areas can be viewed here.

The pig dog season for Te Urewera is from 1 May to the Friday before Labour Weekend. The rules you will see on your pig dog permit are provided below to enable you to be informed and prepared for when you apply for your permit.

Each dog will need to be presented for the issuing officer to read the brand or tattoo - Pig dog permits must be applied for in person at the following offices (Bookings are essential - Please call us first)

Te Uru Taumatua, 12 Tūhoe Street, Tāneatua. Phone (07) 312 9659

(Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 5pm)


Te Kura Whenua, 6249 Lake Road, SH38, Te Urewera. Phone (06) 837 3987


1. Only genuine pigdogs are permitted. Deer indicating or other hunting dogs are not permitted.

2. Dogs must be branded or tattooed with at least one readable number.

3. Brands or tattoos need to be inspected for the first permit of the year.

4. Dogs must have completed Kiwi Aversion Training - a current certificate must be sighted.

5. Maximum number of dogs being hunted together is 3 per hunter or party.

6. Dogs must be tied up when not being hunted, more than 50m from any hut and 25m from any track.

7. Lost dogs must be immediately reported to the permit issuing office.

8. Guide dogs are permitted for the aid of the blind, and Disability Assist dogs for those with mobility difficulties. Disability Assist dogs must be certified according to Department of Internal Affairs criteria.

9. This permit must be carried by the holder at all times and produced on demand to any authorised person.

10. The owner of any dog which persistently barks at or otherwise annoys, bites or menaces other visitors must remove that dog from Te Urewera when asked to do so by any authorised person.

11. Any dog which is at large with no known owner and which will not allow itself to be caught will be destroyed.

12. Any dog which is at large with no known owner and which can be caught will be handed over to the local authority pound.

13. Any person who takes a dog into Te Urewera without authority may be prosecuted.

14. Any other pigdogs taken into Te Urewera other than on this permit require a new permit.

15. This permit does not automatically confer a right of access over any private land except by way of land-owner permission,  defined legal roads or rights of way.

16. Carcasses and offal must not be left near or in visitor facilities or waterways.

17. Breach of any of the standard or special conditions renders this permit null and void and may result in prosecution.

The single-most important thing you should do is ensure all of your dogs return home, and any lost dog is promptly reported to the permit issuing office. Failure to report lost dogs may result in no further permits being issued to the owner.

te urewera welcomes you to te urewera and looks forward to your support.

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