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Taking care of our Tamariki: Pēpī mirimiri

18 October 2016
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Lainie Asher (Hāmua) is a young mother passionate about holistic health and the wellbeing of the whānau.

Her start-up enterprise ‘Māmā Wellbeing’, encompasses aspects of whānau ora (family health),  tinana

(physical health), hinenaro (mental health) and wairua (spirtitual health).  An instructor of pēpī mirimiri, 

Lainie regularly facilitates workshops where she teaches  pēpī mirimiri techniques to parents.

Lainie Asher and whanau

 Image L-R: Rama-te-awhina Apiata, Poutu-te-rangi Apiata, Lainie Asher, Hiriwa Apiata.

Revitilising traditional Tūhoe practises is a priority for her local Tūhoe Tribal Authority – Te Komiti o Runa.

The mission in the whārua is to grow the vibrancy, vitality and prosperity of Te Mana Motuhake – whānau taking

active responsibility for their livelihoods and health. Pēpi mirimiri is one way that can enhance the health and

the wellbeing of whānau, a kaupapa that Lainie  is promoting in her whārua of Rūātoki. Relaxing, nurturing

and whakapapa enhancing, mirimiri helps to regulate the body temperature, supports digestion

and enhances the immune system of the pēpī.  It may also improve sleep and is also known to increase

parental self-esteem and confidence.

Lainie has developed a whānau approach to pēpī mirimiri, check out some tips in this clip:



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8 years ago Gina Williams

Ataahua ou Mahi mirimiri miss lainie I love it, everyone is involved, the meaning and techniques are easy to learn and use :)

8 years ago

Thats so cool Lanie, awesome!