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Chasing Recovery: A story of Aroha

29 January 2021
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Chasing Recovery: A story of Aroha is what we have been waiting for. For so long many of our whānau experiences with addiction have been kept out of sight, swept under the rug and hidden in the shadows. But why aren’t we talking about it when so many of our whānau are affected by it?

We say let’s move this thing from the dark into the light  -  shine a light on it and sort out the true issues within our whānau and communities.

Supporting each other - our rough, rugged, and raw hero’s. The realist ones that aren’t afraid to make a change, the ones that are ready to heal - the one’s making a real difference in our communities.

Billy Mihinui and Edith Te Papa are two of those hero’s. Read their full story here:

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Blog Post Chasing Recovery: A story of Aroha
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