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Movie Review: Ever the Land

8 September 2015

A debut documentary that tells a big Ngai Tuhoe story, this film is perhaps most remarkable for being by a German-born filmmaker who had been here less than four years when she shot it. Curious and intelligent, Grohnert captures much about Ngai Tuhoe - the people and the land - that eludes local non-Maori observers. Ostensibly it's a film...

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Ever the Land: A review of sorts

6 August 2015
 - Posted by Ati Teepa to Arts

If your house could talk, what would she tell you? Would she talk of the origins of the timbers which became the posts of the house? Would she tell you the many hands that built her? Would she talk of the design process of her birth? Tonight I attended the Wellington premiere of ‘Ever the Land’ as part of the New Zealand International...

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