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Te Kawa: Ōnukurani is evolving

31 August 2017
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Te Kawa o Te Urewera is here to disrupt the norm, a copy and paste mentality is no longer acceptable. 


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Blog Post Te Kawa: Ōnukurani is evolving
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7 years ago Tawhaowhao

If "faith " is replaced i roto i te ringaringa o Papatuanuku then all westernized thinking falls by the wayside. Calling fellow sentient beings "pests", advocating, and conducting mass poisoning, differentiating native and non-native all becomes the money-making nonsense it is. Living in the moment guided by awareness of natural processes, existing within maramataka. Nothing brings concern. Everything unfolds as it should. Magic becomes routine. Mauri ora.

7 years ago Lorraine Byers

Thank you for always keeping us informed on everything. Im so proud to be Tuhoe. I love my whanau 😊