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Row-Boats Return to Lake Waikareiti

1 March 2016
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waikareiti row boat lakeRow-Boats Return To Lake Waikareiti

Manuhiri have enjoyed exploring the deepest corners of Te Urewera. She is valued for her abundance, stunning scenery and hidden wonders.

The ‘jewel of Te Urewera’ is often how manuhiri describe Lake Waikaremoana, however just a stones-throw away is hidden another precious gem, Lake Waikareiti.

Over many years, Waikareiti has been a destination respected by fishermen for the abundant supply of rainbow trout; and is appreciated by intrepid folk looking for adventure.

With Te Urewera Board announcing the reinstatement of the Lake Waikareiti row-boat service late last year, there has been a steady influx of new and returning manuhiri looking to experience the jewels of Te Urewera.

Improved features of the row-boat service include increased safety standards. As Lake Waikareiti is an hours walk away from the Aniwaniwa visitors centre, each row-boat is now issued with a mandatory Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). In an emergency, the digital beacon can be activated, which s a signal to a satellite that then relays that message to rescue authorities.

While staff at the Aniwaniwa visitor centre emphasize safety messages, manuhiri have provided feedback on their experience of the row-boat service:

“One of the best experiences our whānau have ever had! Fantastic tramping with children, only 1 hours tramp in then 1.5 hours rowing. Awesome. Keep it as is!”(Julz Parry, Rotorua)

“What an amazing experience to be on a pristine lake, it is really something quite special. It is definitely worth doing.” (Ray Large, Katikati)

Waikaremoana Tribal Authority welcome the return of the row-boats for manuhiri to enjoy this unique experience. Row-boats are available for hire from the Aniwaniwa visitor centre for $20 per session and a PLB will be issued with each hire for $15. From the Aniwaniwa visitors centre it is an easy one hour trek through native forest to Lake Waikareiti where the row boats, life-jackets and oars are kept. Call the Aniwaniwa visitor centre on (06) 837 3803

While our Waikareiti manuhiri enjoy their row-boat experience, we advise you that the islands on Lake Waikareiti are currently out of bounds due to pest control.

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