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Te Kawa: Ōnukurani is evolving

31 August 2017
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Te Kawa o Te Urewera is here to disrupt the norm, a copy and paste mentality is no longer acceptable. 


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Blog Post Te Kawa: Ōnukurani is evolving
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12 months ago Tawhaowhao

If "faith " is replaced i roto i te ringaringa o Papatuanuku then all westernized thinking falls by the wayside. Calling fellow sentient beings "pests", advocating, and conducting mass poisoning, differentiating native and non-native all becomes the money-making nonsense it is. Living in the moment guided by awareness of natural processes, existing within maramataka. Nothing brings concern. Everything unfolds as it should. Magic becomes routine. Mauri ora.

12 months ago Lorraine Byers

Thank you for always keeping us informed on everything. Im so proud to be Tuhoe. I love my whanau 😊