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Govt urged to reconsider Tuhoe settlement deed
18 June 2013

A Bay of Plenty tribe that opposes Tuhoe's deed of settlement says it's not too late for the Government to make changes to the deed.

Te Upokorehe says the deed, which was signed by Tuhoe and the Crown early this month, wrongly claims its territory as Tuhoe's.

The tribe has lit two fires in the region to protest the settlement, and to symbolise its ahi kaa, or home fires, which mark its territory.

A spokesperson, Kahukore Baker, is urging the Government to resolve the issues before the deed is made legislation.

She says the people of Te Upokorehe will never forget and will never give up protesting.

The Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Chris Finlayson, has said tribes have a right to protest. But he says Tuhoe's post settlement governance entity, Te Urutaumatua, will work for their benefit too.

To read the original RadioNZ article, click here.


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Blog Post Govt urged to reconsider Tuhoe settlement deed
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