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Crown returns flag to Ngai Tuhoe
22 August 2014

About 2000 people gathered in Taneatua today to hear the formal apology from Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson, as agreed in its settlement.

Mr Finlayson apologised to the iwi for the injustices, indiscriminate raupatu and wrongful killings of their ancestors.

To help restore those injustices, the Minister returned a flag which flew at the sacred settlement of Maungapohatu in 1916, and was taken by the Crown as evidence Tuhoe prophet Rua Kenana was arrested.

The story of Rua Kenana and Maungapohatu, is one of many examples of the wrongdoings by the Crown to Ngai Tuhoe.

The iwi were also given back a taiaha, which was gifted to the Premier John Seddon in 1894.

Listen to an interview with Te Manu Korihi reporter Mani Dunlop on Checkpoint ( 6 min 12 sec )

Listen to a full report of the day on Checkpoint ( 4 min 39 sec )

To view the original RadioNZ Te Manukorihi news report, click here.

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Blog Post Crown returns flag to Ngai Tuhoe
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