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Tūhoe steadfast on Settlement Bill
19 February 2014

According to the chair of the Māori Affairs Select Committee, Tau Henare, the passion of the people of Tūhoe has been very obvious at their meetings regarding the Tūhoe Settlement Bill.

The second reading of the Tūhoe Settlement Bill in Parliament is set to take place in July, however, some factions within Tūhoe feel that the process to get to this point was Crown-driven.

Marie Steward believes, “The Crown has driven Tūhoe apart, but now, it's Tūhoe driving Tūhoe apart. The law of the Crown has dominated and is now guiding Tūhoe.”

However, Te Uru Taumatua, who has walked the Tūhoe Settlement claim, continues to be hopeful that Tūhoe will one day be united.

The Māori Select Committee will now present their findings back to cabinet within the coming weeks.

Read the original Te Kaea story here.

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Blog Post Tūhoe steadfast on Settlement Bill
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