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Tuhoe rep says police promise kept
17 February 2015

A Tūhoe whānau representative is thanking police commissioner for keeping his Te Urewera raids apology promise by inviting rangatahi to Wellington.

Huka Williams of Tūhoe

Huka Williams of Tūhoe.

Photo: RNZ / Eru Rerekura

More than 70 children were on a tour of the capital, visiting places such as the police college and Te Papa.

This afternoon, on a hot day in the city, they were taken to Te Rauparaha Arena's Aquatic Centre for a swim and a play.

Huka Williams said her whānaunga were enjoying the trip.

"I'm really thankful that the police commissioner kept his promise. I think when we reflect on what happened over the last...eight years, this is a good beginning for rangatahi of Tūhoe and hopefully it'll be an ongoing event."

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said both the police and Tūhoe whānaunga have come a long way in a short time.

"When we visited Te Rewarewa Marae in Rūātoki last year in August, we gave the formal apology and we also gave an informal apology.

"And while we were there we listened to the young people that were affected during the police operations so it was really important that we just don't finish with an apology...That we go on a journey to continue to build that relationship.

"So this is part of that journey so we were shown great hospitality and respect when we visited there and it's really important that we repay that as part of that continuing journey," he said.


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