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Tūhoe opens the first of four medical centres
12 August 2014

The first of four medical centres within Tūhoe was opened today in Tāneatua.  This is only the start as the tribe paves a new path for themselves towards self-governance.  A new café was also opened today called "Moumou Kai."

GP visits for Tūhoe at this new medical centre will cost $14.

Patrick McGarvey, Chairman of Te Kōmiti o Runga says, “The GP isn't a local, but some of the workers are.  The main thing is that the families receive help.”

The tribe has a population of 32,000, but 80% live outside of Te Urewera.

“We are exploring avenues to help our families outside of Tūhoe, but first we have to start with those living here,” says Mr McGarvey.

This is one of the initiatives from the Tūhoe-Te Urewera Bill that was recently passed.

A new café called Moumou Kai was also opened within the Te Uru Taumatua complex.

“It's great, we're seeing something new in Tūhoe,” says Teihi Tihi.

The first medical centre is open, the next is set to open in Waimana.

To read the original Te Kaea news item, click here.


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