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Tūhoe invests $2mil into health services
18 February 2014

As Tūhoe prepares for the grand opening of their new Tūhoe complex in Tāneatua, they are also preparing to open the first of their GP and dental services in one of the old Te Uru Taumatua office buildings in Tāneatua.

Tūhoe has invested $2mil into the GP service project that will focus on the establishment of GP and dental services in Tāneatua and around Tūhoe communities.

A lot of work in relation to the development of infrastructure in health, education and social services within Tūhoe has taken place. 

However reports back to Te Uru Taumatua from the tribal representation indicate that health is an issue.

The opening of the first GP and dental service will take in April after to opening of the new complex.

Read the orginal Te Kaea story here.


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Blog Post Tūhoe invests $2mil into health services
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