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Tuhoe hunters must also adhere to suspension in Te Urewera
19 November 2014

Last month Tūhoe and the Crown decided to suspend pig hunting, deer hunting and possum killing in Te Urewera, but one Te Urewera guardian Maui Te Pou believes there are some from home who are ignorant to the cause of hunting in Te Urewera.

Te Urewera, covering an area of approximately 2,127 km² over Ngāi Tūhoe.  Last month the newly formed between Tūhoe and the Crown suspended pig hunting, deer hunting and possum killing.

Yesterday two Tūhoe descendants from Te Urewera spoke on Te Tēpu and shared their opinions on this topic.

Maui Te Pou was one who argued the point of outsiders going into Te Urewera lands and he also took another approach.

“It's not just Pākeha, but the issue also lies with us as well. Those who haven't got a clue about their own identity,” says Te Pou.

Tūhoe Treaty Negotiator Tamati Kruger agreed that there should be a way to fix this matter for those who are Tūhoe.  

“This is a good learning curve for us to fix this matter and we of Te Urewera have to work together,” says Kruger.

The newly formed believes even though you carry a hunting license, you must wait until they have completed a new law entering Te Urewera.

“The new licencing will be drawn out at the end of this year with a new policy for Tūhoe and others.  If this doesn't work, then there's a problem but I know this is the way forward to oversee the well-being of Tūhoe and its hapū,” says Kruger.

They are assessing the pros and cons for this new licencing for Te Urewera and a bright future for Tūhoe's descendants.

View the Te Kaea news item here.


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Blog Post Tuhoe hunters must also adhere to suspension in Te Urewera
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