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Tūhoe help in kiwi restoration project
29 January 2014

Lake Waikaremoana is known as one of the jewels of Te Urewera but for the past 10 years, this area has played a major role in protecting the kiwi.

The Lake Waikaremoana Hapū Restoration Trust has been monitoring an area where the kiwi has been fenced in.

This weekend they have created a second area to protect kiwi and will be laying traps. 

More than 60 people are to travel here with the intent of helping to lay out traps below Mt Panekire in the area known as Whareama. 

It is stage two of the kiwi restoration project in Waikaremoana and in May the monitoring section will begin for the designated kiwi sanctuaries.

Read the original Te Kaea story here.


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Blog Post Tūhoe help in kiwi restoration project
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