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Tribe wants a halt on Tuhoe law
24 April 2014

A tribe in the Ohope area of Bay of Plenty wants a freeze put on the Tuhoe Treaty settlement legislation.

Taken by Rosemary Rangitauira 22 March 2013 Wellington

Treaty settlement agreement between the Crown and Tuhoe.

Photo: RNZ

Te Upokorehe is part of the Tuhoe agreement with the Crown but doesn't want to be, arguing that its territory should not be part of the arrangement.

It has taken the matter to the High Court and wants the Parliamentary process stopped until a judge makes a decision.

A Te Upokorehe claimant, Kahukore Baker, says there are significant issues to resolve.

She says Tuhoe has never had customary fishing rights in the Upokorehe rohe (territory).

But the proposed law change means there will now be a neighbouring iwi (Tuhoe), coming into the rohe to enforce brand new fishing rights

MPs on the Maori Affairs Select Committee this week rejected an appeal by Te Upokorehe to change the Urewera-Tuhoe Bill.

It said members of Te Upokorehe affiliated to Tuhoe will benefit from the settlement, and they're satisfied the agreement will not prevent Te Upokorehe from developing its own negotiations with the Crown.

Te Upokorehe is made up of five sub-tribes

Read the original RadioNZ  article here.

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