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Top cop makes personal apology for raids
28 July 2014

Police commissioner Mike Bush has personally apologised to six families affected by the 2007 Urewera police raids.

The visits to their homes in Ruatoki over the weekend preceded what will be a formal public apology to Tuhoe, in line with an agreed settlement that has been negotiated with the iwi.

Tame Iti, one of the 17 people arrested during Operation 8 for allegedly taking part in what the prosecution said were military-style training camps, posted pictures of himself with Mr Bush on Twitter.

He said he felt better after Mike Bush listened to his hurt, looked him in the eye and apologised for how the police handled the raids.

Mr Bush said it was particularly important for him to say sorry to the children who were present so they know what happened to them was wrong.

Read the original Radio Waatea news article here.

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