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Te Urewera out of bounds for hunters until the new year
13 October 2014

Hunters wanting to hunt in Te Urewera National Park will have to wait until the new year to gain access until the board reviews its permit process. 

The new move has created some anxiety with hunters, but the chairman of the board says it is a move to look at safety measures such as improved monitoring of hunters' locations. 

Te Urewera National Park is now a new legal entity governed by a board of Tūhoe and Crown appointees.  Now they're looking into how hunting permits should be issued. 

Chairman Tamati Kruger says, “The issue with the licences is being looked at and evaluated by the board of Te Urewera.” 

All permits issued by the Department of Conservation before the establishment of the new Te Urewera board are invalid.

“There were a lot of mistakes, so, we are looking in the next two months to revaluate those licenses,” says Mr Kruger.

However the Tūhoe representatives say the change is only to tighten up on health and safety.

Mr Kruger says, “We know that this could be an issue for some hunters who hunt for pigs and deers but it's for the greater good.”

The Department of Conservation has stopped giving out permits and the new Te Urewera board will be working closely with key groups to see an outcome in two months.

To view the original Te Kāea news article, click here.


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