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Tame Iti & Birgrit Krippner exhibition in Wellington
12 January 2015


Iti - A collaboration between Tame Iti, the high profile Tuhoe Maori activist and artist, and Birgit Krippner, Austrian born Wellington based photographer.

{Suite} in Wellington is pleased to present Tame Iti and Birgit Krippner's collaborative exhibition "Iti", comprising Krippner's photographers, and oil on canvas and sculptural works by Tame Iti. Key to the exhibition is an Iti installation work, which comes straight from an occupation site in Te Uruwera.

The Tuhoe meaning of the word Iti is humbleness or in the background.

During his recent time in prison, Tame Iti tweeted: "Painting is a conversation with the canvas. We have been discussing things a lot lately." The paintings in this exhibition have been made since made the artist's release and during a very important time in Tuhoe's history. Tuhoe's treaty settlement returned Te Urewera, the spiritual home of the Tuhoe people, and marks the transition from grievance to a future promising greater opportunity and self-determination.

Krippner's photographs provide an intimate lens on Tame Iti, the Tuhoe people and Te Urewera, and serves as a document of the promise of new beginnings.

Krippner, who has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, will be exhibiting her ‘Iti’ photographs at the Harvey Milk Photographic Center in San Francisco in April this year.

The Wellington exhibition opens at {Suite} on 19th February and runs until 7 March. Both artists will attend the opening. For more information visit

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