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Police apology for Urewera raids praised as 'honourable'
28 July 2014

A personal apology from Police Commissioner Mike Bush to the families affected by the Urewera 'terror raids' has been welcomed by the Tuhoe community, says their chairman.

Tamati Kruger says the apology that was delivered yesterday went a long way into helping those deeply affected by the 2007 raids.

Mr Kruger says he was pleased with the way the Police Commissioner had handled the apology and by keeping it low-key preserved "virtue and a high value of sincerity".

He says the apology will help the community get over the incident and "have hope again and trust and restore some kind of safety in their lives".

"The apology was well deserved and was honourable," Mr Kruger told TV ONE's Breakfast.

However, Mr Kruger acknowledged the trauma of the raids will never go away for the community and says some may never be able to forget what has happened to them or forgive police.

The raids focused on the activities of a group of people who appeared to be involved in military-style training camps in the Urewera forest in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Four of those arrested were eventually convicted of firearms charges.

An Independent Police Conduct Authority report last year found that police acted unlawfully in establishing roadblocks and detaining and searching people.

Mr Bush says it was important he delivered the apology in person yesterday.

"The visits are to acknowledge these whanau, the fear that they experienced, the situations they were placed in and the damage that was caused," he said.

Police have also confirmed a confidential settlement has been reached with Tuhoe in relation to the raids.

Read the original TVNZ News story here.

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Blog Post Police apology for Urewera raids praised as 'honourable'
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