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Ngati Ruapani to place rahui over lake Waikaremoana
22 June 2016

Ngati Ruapani Kaumatua announced today that they will place a rahui over Lake Waikaremoana, banning all activities on the Lake itself and access across all adjacent Maori Land.

This rahui will commence on the weekend of June 25/26. Tribal members will oversee and strictly enforce this rahui for the four day period that will end on June 29.

‘We seek full cooperation and support from all members of the public during this time and will work closely with all stakeholders in the region to ensure minimum disruption’ said Tumanako Waiwai, Chair of the  Kaumatua Kaunihera for Waikaremoana.

‘This step has been taken to protect people and property during a particularly tumultuous political and socially disruptive time for Ngati Ruapani, Ngai Tuhoe and Kahungunu descendants of the original owners’ said Waiwai

This Rahui supports the highly anticipated, three (3) Sec 45 applications being heard in the Wairoa Maori Land Court on June 28 lodged by applicants representing all descendants of the original owners.

A ‘Pou Rahui’ will be placed overlooking Lake Waikaremoana to signal the commencement of the period and Karakia will be performed when the rahui is lifted.

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