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First designs for Tāneatua Police Base revealed
19 January 2021
Work is progressing on a new police base in Tāneatua – with the first designs of the building revealed.
Eastern Bay of Plenty Area Commander, Inspector Stuart Nightingale says he’s thrilled with the design concept, which includes a roofline reflecting the valleys of the area.
“Working alongside our community partners, including Ngāi Tūhoe, we’ve come up with a place to support ongoing safety and prosperity.
“The new building includes space for public hui and embraces the themes which came from our community around connection, protection and presence.”
The former Tāneatua Police Station was damaged by a fire in 2018. Since then, police have been working with the community around what a future police base in the town could look like.
“What we’ve come up with is something unique and just as importantly, something which reflects the community. We have been working alongside a community reference group to ensure we get it right, and I’m thrilled with the result so far."
The new police base will include space for public use and allow staff a base in the township once again.
“Police, alongside our community partners, has an opportunity to create a police base that is aspirational in providing a platform for a safer and more vibrant Tāneatua community, and those who live and visit there."
“The process that has taken place to get to where we are now has included us engaging with the community in a deeper way, allowing us to really understand the unique characteristics and challenges of Tāneatua and the surrounding communities."
Stuart says more detailed design work is currently under way, before building consents are applied for and work can begin.

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