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Topic: Politics What's the future of our marae?
5 November 2017
Tūhoe iwi spokesperson Tamati Kruger says the marae and its relevance in modern times have been subject to recent discussions. He revealed this at the centenary celebrations of Papakainga Marae in Ruatoki.
Tamati Kruger says,  “The hapū (Ngāti Koura) will be looking at ways of revamping its purpose and I guess other marae in Tuhoe will be finding ways of preserving these places for the next one hundred years. Marae was built for a different purpose.”
Member of the marae John Hoani Rutene Hohua says, “Our hope is that our people continue to connect with their marae.”
Mr. Kruger admits that colonization has played a big part in the outcomes his iwi face today.
“Many of our people are now living in towns and our marae aren't used as often. Even when we have birthdays or other occasions, we tend to hire out a hotel in that regards”, Mr. Kruger said.
“The subject is relevant. What's the future of our marae? We will look at ways of creating a system where people continue to live around our marae in Ngāi Tuhoe”
The next marae in Tuhoe to celebrate 100 years is Tanatana in the Waimana Valley in 2019.

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Blog Post Topic: Politics What's the future of our marae?
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