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Building Sustainable

3 August 2018

Tūhoe's Te Kura Whare is becoming the benchmark for those wanting to create sustainable buildings. On Wednesday, representatives from Kai Rotorua toured the building to see how its features could be incorporated into their own planned building. Read more...

A New Year at Te Tii

12 January 2018

What an incredible year it has been at Te Tii in Ruatāhuna. Six out of seven buildings are well on their way to being complete; the seventh being the public laundry and wharepaku building which can only start once the fuel tank is in the ground! A total of 20 dedicated and talented local residents have contributed to where we’ve gotten to on site and local marae have hosted those travelling in from out of town.   There are...

It’s always an exciting moment when you can say ‘we’re out of the ground’, meaning you’ve gotten through the bulk of earthworks, ground conditions are ticked off and you’re into foundations of the building.    This moment is even more satisfying when your site has been hit by not one, but two cyclones; when the main access road has been closed due to slips and washouts; and when...