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Tuhoe not ready for apology
28 May 2013

Tūhoe kaumatua, Tamati Kruger, says the iwi doesn’t want any sort of official police apology until next year.

The Independent Police Complaints Authority has found that the police acted illegally when they held Ruatoki people at gunpoint in October 2007 while they executed search and arrest warrants against people alleged to have participated in military style training camps in the area.

Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, has offered to go to the eastern Bay of Plenty to deliver an apology.

Mr Kruger says the iwi is busy with its historic claims settlement, and it is also questioning what an apology means.

"What is an apology? What does that do? When a person volunteers to give an apology, what are his or her intentions? What is the result they are wishing for? It is a Pakeha tikanga and we really need to fully understand what the intent and expectation is," he says.

Mr Kruger says there are still questions about what compensation and restitution the Crown may provide as part of any apology, and Ruatoki people also want to know what has happened to material seized from them, such as the contents of computer hard drives.

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