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Tame Iti not silenced by sentence
16 October 2013

On the sixth anniversary of being arrested on terror charges, Tūhoe activist Tame Iti says the experience of being tried and jailed won’t stop him speaking out.

Tame Iti was arrested at his home in Whakatane on October 15, 2006, at the same time others who had participated in his camps in Te Urewera were being rounded up around the country.

Charges against most of his co-accused were dropped because of the illegal way the police collected evidence, but four of the 20 originally arrested were convicted on arms charges.

Mr Iti is on parole in Ruatoki after serving a third of his prison sentence.

He says the fact he was always ready to speak out for Tūhoe and Maori rights was seen as a threat by some who misinterpreted his actions.

"There needs to be a place for people to give a point of view. We all don't have to agree, but that will not make me a terrorist, the fact that I have a different point of view. It does not make me a horrible person. I just have a different view," Mr Iti says.

The October 15 Solidarity group is holding a commemoration at Auckland University tonight, with speakers and poets underneath the library at 6 and a dance at 8pm.

You can read the original Radio Waatea article here.


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Blog Post Tame Iti not silenced by sentence
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