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Mum of kid lost in bush 'was stressing and in denial'
21 July 2016

The mother of one of the children lost in Te Urewera National Park for two nights said she is very relieved her son has been found.

Te Wairemana Herewini, from Auckland, spoke toONE News after her son was found.

"I was stressing from the day that we found out and I was in denial to go down to face it, I'm just so happy they've found him," she told ONE News.

A woman and four children were found safe and well this afternoon after a large scale search.

Eastern Bay of Plenty Area Commander Inspector Kevin Taylor said all five were winched from a riverbed and taken to a Lion hut for medical care.

Their conditions were unknown, but he believed they were all "safe and well".

The children are aged between four and nine.

The landscape was described as "rugged, hard to search, steep and covered in a canopy of forest".

Ten search teams scoured the area and Inspector Taylor said every effort had been made to locate them.

Te Urewera is part managed by a Tuhoe iwi authority Te Uru Taumatua.

Operations development manager Glenn Mitchell told ONE News the family is from Waimana.

While he wouldn't disclose names he said that where the group was dropped off is near the Waimana Lions lodge.

"There's a short day walk, their intention was to do that walk but unfortunately it appears they set off on the wrong track," Mr Mitchell said.

"It's a point which is intensively managed for pest control with track lines for predator traps."

It wouldn't be difficult for an inexperienced person to wander off a marked walking track because of those lines, he said.


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Blog Post Mum of kid lost in bush 'was stressing and in denial'
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