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Lake Waikaremoana continues to welcome manuhiri
24 June 2016

24 June 2016

Press Release  

Lake Waikaremoana continues to welcome manuhiri

Business continues as usual at Lake Waikaremōana, “We have around 80 people coming to Waikaremoana to trek and camp over the next few days” says Richard Wagner staff member at Te Urewera – Waikaremoana Visitors Centre.

Local Waikaremoana kaumatua, Te Kooti Turipa, is indifferent to the news of the rāhui ban being placed on Lake Waikaremoana led by an individual from Auckland. “I’m dead against any ban” emphasises Te Kooti Turipa of Waimako Marae.

Waikaremōana Tribal Authority and community members are disappointed that the rāhui is being misused to interfere with public enjoyment of Lake Waikaremoana. “This goes against the purpose of rāhui” states Rose Pere.

Tūhoe kaumātua Harry Waiwai is critical of his younger brother leading the action “To get to the point I don’t support it” and “What he needs to do is get home and start cleaning the toilets before he starts doing that. I have had enough of his nonsense.”

“Speaking on behalf of Tūhoe we don’t take that statement made about a rahui on Lake Waikaremoana as having any substance and we are just carrying on with our business and our work programmes at Waikaremoana. However, we are concerned that members of the public that use Waikaremoana may feel that the statement is supported by us. It is not.” – Tamati Kruger, Tūhoe – Te Uru Taumatua Chairman.

The team at the Te Urewera Waikaremoana Visitor Centre are on hand to assist the public with any enquiries by calling (06) 837 3900.


For media enquiries contact – Tūhoe Te Uru Taumatua Communications

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Blog Post Lake Waikaremoana continues to welcome manuhiri
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