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Govt calls for hunter patience
30 October 2014

The Government is calling for patience from hunters wanting to get into Te Urewera, as Tuhoe works on a review of hunting permits.

While no one has been banned from the land, ministers and the Deerstalkers Association are supporting the tribe's call for hunters to use their discretion while the system is being examined.

The iwi's Treaty of Waitangi settlement with the Crown has given rise to a new approach to the future of Te Urewera, with both parties collaborating to co-manage the land.

The Association's spokesperson, Alec McIver, said proposed changes to the permit scheme are practical. He said Tuhoe wanted to ensure dialogue was kept open and made easier for hunters.

Mr McIver said another proposed change was a framework where safety is further prompted.

He said during "the roar" - the mating season for deer - hunters need to know where other hunters are, so there isn't a cluster of them in one area.

Read the original RadioNZ news article here.

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