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Dream Chaser Foundation nominated for the Pride of NZ awards
3 September 2015


After their son Chace died from leukaemia three years ago, Ryan and Keri Topperwien decided to put their energy and focus into helping others who were going through similar situations.

From this they created a child cancer charity called Dream Chaser Foundation.

"We just wanted to do something in his name. He was really caring and always smiling. So we wanted to do something that would help other families."

Under the charity, the couple organise various events to raise money to help families in Ronald McDonald House, those children who are in hospital and families who have lost a child to cancer.

They work closely with local businesses, which offer services or gift vouchers to help with presents for children.

Earlier this year the charity donated 49 Samsung smart sets to Starship's Ronald McDonald House so parents staying in Auckland while their children are in hospital can keep in touch with friends and family.

They also organise events including music therapy courses and Sunshine Week - when popcorn machines and icecreams are brought into the children's hospital ward as they watch movies in a specially-made theatre.

For families where a child has died, bereavement grants of up to $500 are given out to help with costs.

Mr Topperwien said organising such events for youngsters and families was hugely fulfilling.

"We get to talk to people who are going through hard situations and we can relate to them first-hand, because it's what we went through. It is so physically and emotionally draining when your child is sick and so doing this helps us, too."



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9 years ago Keri Topperwien

Thank you very much for supporting the Dream Chaser Foundation, we really appreciate your support.