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Commissioner may return on anniversary
27 February 2015

Police Commissioner Mike Bush is expected to return to the tribal lands of Ngai Tuhoe - potentially on the anniversary of his apology to the tribe on 13 August.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush

Police Commissioner Mike Bush

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Police have taken steps to rebuild trust and confidence with the iwi following the 2007 Te Urewera raids, which left children terrified of members of the Armed Offenders Squad.

Recently, the officers gave 70 Tuhoe children a tour of Wellington. Superintendent Wally Haumaha believed the wounds are healing. He said it was great way to rebuild their relationship through the children and their parents.

He said that would be an ongoing event, where Mr Bush would go back to Tuhoe, perhaps on the anniversary of his apology to Tuhoe, and give an overview of policing in the country, and again encourage for the relationship to grow.

General Manager of Maori, Pacific and Ethnic services, Wally Haumaha, said the children did not want to leave Wellington. A Tūhoe whānau representative, who was there, Huka Williams, thanked the police commissioner for keeping his Te Urewera raids apology promise by inviting rangatahi to Wellington.


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