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Apology over Urewera raids
27 July 2014

The police commissioner has personally apologised to six families affected by the 2007 Urewera police raids and confirmed today that a settlement had been reached with Tuhoe iwi over the operation.

Mike Bush made the trip to Ruatoki in the Bay of Plenty to meet with six families, including Tame Iti and his whanau.

He is expected to also address the wider community of Taneatua and Ruatoki.

In a statement, Mr Bush said: "I have apologised to those whanau who experienced unnecessary stress during that time and felt a loss of credibility and mana. It was important to me that I personally deliver this apology, in private, to redress the hurt felt in Tuhoe."

The raids, which took place in the Urewera mountain range near Ruatoki and labelled "Operation 8", resulted in the arrest of 17 people for allegedly participating in military-style training camps.

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