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Apology lifts burden - Wairere Iti
28 July 2014

The son of Tuhoe activist Tame Iti says a weight has been lifted off the iwi after an apology by the Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

On Sunday the commissioner visited several families affected by the 2007 Te Urewera raids, including Tame Iti.

Wairere Iti, whose home was also raided, received an apology from Mr Bush, who he said was very sincere.

Mr Iti said he was left with the feeling that the matter had been resolved and Tuhoe could now move on.

He said everyone who met Mr Bush had the opportunity to say their piece.

Tame Iti said the commissioner mingled with whanau, and talked and laughed with them.

He said the meeting was a positive step towards reconciliation.

But Wairere Iti also pointed out that a police commissioner could have had the same conversation with Tuhoe seven years ago and saved the country a lot of money, and the community ongoing hurt.

To read the original Radio NZ news article click here.


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