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Te Urewera to stay 1080 free - for now
11 May 2016

The government may be committing more than $20 million to ramp up pest control using 1080 in New Zealand but Te Urewera will remain free of the poison - for now.  The battle for New Zealand's native birds is set to receive a $20.7 million boost in this year's budget and the aim is to squash a predicted boom in rat and stoat populations, predicted to follow heavy forest seeding, by backing aerial 1080 operations with on-going trapping and ground control programmes. 

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Blog Post Te Urewera to stay 1080 free - for now
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7 years ago Victor

Stand fast Tuhoe you are the example for tangatawhenua .Do not fall to the pressures of Doc we thankyou... Kia ora...Kia kaha