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Te Urewera closed to public
27 March 2020

All huts, campgrounds, and walks — including the Great Walk — at Lake Waikaremoana are closed.

Every hut and camp booking until June 30 has been cancelled, and refunds have been issued.

Te Urewera Board chairman Tamati Kruger said Te Urewera, where Lake Waikaremoana is, would be closed to all public during the lockdown period.

Boat ramps are closed and there is no hunting or fishing. This nationwide lockdown covers the four-week Roar, a popular time for hunters.

Mr Kruger said he also wanted to emphasise Te Urewera was not suitable for self-isolation.

“If you do not live in Te Urewera, while the country is at level four alert, you must not be in Te Urewera.”

Mr Kruger said Tuhoe kaimahi would be checking tracks, huts and campsites.

“This is a national civil defence emergency and a health and safety threat affecting the entire community of Te Urewera and the country as a whole.”

Gisborne Herald

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Blog Post Te Urewera closed to public
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4 years ago VERN Ellis

Kia Ora, could you please advise if hunting permits will be available for the general hunting areas in the Te Urewera national park in Level 3. thanks for your assistance, we are regular hunters in the area. Thank you. Vern Taupo.