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Tame Iti says he is no longer angry
7 February 2016

Tame Iti says he's 'no longer angry' reflecting on his long battle for Tuhoe. Forty years ago Tame Iti was an angry young man who hoped to change a nation. Today through persistent action he's turned his hopes into reality.

During the past 25 years the Crown has spent more than $2 billion redressing breeches of the Treaty of Waitangi. Mr Iti's iwi Ngai Tuhoe settled with the Crown 18 months ago. "The apology was just the beginning of the healing process," says Mr Iti. "I'm no longer angry and pissed off about those things so all that has gone in my view." Tame Iti and Joe Hawke speak to TVNZ Sunday about turning their hopes into reality.

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Blog Post Tame Iti says he is no longer angry
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