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Media Release - Manuhiri to Te Urewera
10 April 2017

All Te Urewera catchments received significant amounts of rainfall from Ex-Cyclone Debbie resulting in many rivers exceeding historic peak flood levels. Road closures has meant access being cut off to some areas in Te Urewera. Visit Whakatane ( and Wairoa District Council ( websites for updates on the roads into Te Urewera.

Manuhiri looking to spend time in Te Urewera need to take extreme care while interacting with Te Urewera. We advise avoiding routes and tracks where all bridges are needed to cross waterways. Manuhiri should prepare for significant track damage due to slips, tree-fall and bank erosion, and be prepared for impassable tracks.

For those Manuhiri camping in Te Urewera treat all drinking water by boiling it or using water purifying tablets.

Feedback including photos of tracks and short walks can be emailed to or dropped off to our staff at Te Kura Whenua, Waikaremoana.

Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk Track -

Is temporarily closed until further notice, with an update due on the 12th April allowing for a full inspection of a range of critical facilities and structures to be carried out. Our Team have identified a range of significant remedial works required, and are working towards opening part of the track as soon as safely possible.

Boating on Lake Waikaremoana -

There is a significant amount of debri floating around the lake, carried down from the rivers and streams - extreme caution is necessary.

Ogilvies, Waimana Valley -

There is a slip off Ogilives and is yet to be assessed by the Council.

Te Urewera Weather

More wet weather is forecast for mid next week for Te Urewera. Visit the Metservice website for weather information for Te Urewera-

To be kept up to date go to our website or follow our Te Urewera facebook page. All those booked to do the Great Walk over the next week contact Te Urewera Visitors Centre on 06 837-803 or 06 837-3900 to make changes to your booking.



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