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It's all about Connection - Cutting Edge Conference
17 October 2018

The Cutting Edge Conference provides an opportunity for the addiction sector to get together, to network, and to learn about and embrace innovative thinking and practice.

This year’s theme was: 'It’s all about Connection'. The essence and meaning in our lives is found in the connections we share with each other, with our whānau and within our communities. These relationships have the power to build us up or to tear us down and the roots of addiction are frequently found in the breakdown of important relationships.

Those of us working with people affected by addiction offer hope by supporting them to strengthen their connections. Whether it’s connection to whānau, culture, spirituality, pro-social community activities, or a deeper connection to self, we help people uncover a multitude of positive opportunities at any stage of their recovery journey.

Tamati Kruger was a keynote speaker at this years Cutting Edge Conferece, listen to his korero here.

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Blog Post It's all about Connection - Cutting Edge Conference
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