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Bay of Plenty Architecture winners announced
1 July 2016

2016 Bay of Plenty Regional Commercial/Industrial Architectural Design Award

Designer: Aladina Harunani of APA Architects & Project Managers

Project: Tanatana Marae

Location: Waimana

Description: In Tuhoe tradition, the deceased are not mourned in the wharenui meeting house, but in a special wharemate. Tanatana has struggled for many years to carry out the service for tangi without a dedicated wharemate. The brief for Tanatana Marae called for a sleeping space for immediate family members alongside the body, and additional space for extended family members.

Judge's Comments: The project courageously accepts the challenges presented by the wharemate typology and marae protocols. A compelling architectural whole embodies the resolution of a raft of principles and processes.

NZ Herald

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