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Waikaremoana - Great Walk reopens for friends and visitors
31 July 2015

The Te Urewera Board is pleased to announce the reopening of the Great Walk from today onwards and looks forward to the return of friends of Te Urewera once again.

Earlier in July an unexpected heavy snow dumping at Waikaremoana caused the temporary closure to the Waikaremoana Great Walk until safer passage could be assured. The Waikaremoana Tribal Biodiversity Manager Brown Elia and the Te Urewera team have been repairing and clearing the track for the past three weeks.

Manuhiri visitors to Waikaremoana are advised that there has been some track damage, further snow is still possible.  Trampers are advised to check weather reports and ensure they are prepared for all conditions before heading out to enjoy Waikaremoana.

A closure status still remains for the Waikareiti to Sandy Bay Hut track and the track to Manuoha, Te Urewera staff are still to check and re-open these routes. For regular updates please visit

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Blog Post Waikaremoana - Great Walk reopens for friends and visitors
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3 years ago Cherry Metz

Good news.

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