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Encouraging pride, unity and presence, Te Kura Whare mirrors Tūhoe values and Te Mana Motuhake o Tūhoe in a way that maintains the truth of our past, our present and our future.  Te Kura Whare brings to life the idea that we must restore the spaces that we live in.  We must live within our means.  Water use; materials; energy generation and consumption, Te Kura Whare raises the bar beyond environment friendly.  Striking a chord nationally and worldwide Te Kura Whare has set established benchmark for future homes, Tribal offices, Marae, schools, kōhanga reo and all buildings throughout the Tūhoe rohe.

Te Kura Whare, the crowd favourite at the New Zealand Property Council Awards 2014, received the Best in Category for the Special Purpose Property Award and the Green Building Property Award.

Te Uru Taumatua

Te Uru Taumatua represents the Tūhoe nation and the lands and wealth held in common for Tūhoe.   The purpose of the Governing Board of Te Uru Taumatua is to lead and serve the cultural permanency and prosperity of Tūhoetana by unlocking the unity potential of Mana Motuhake.  Advancing Tūhoe social and economic development in a way that is distinctively Tūhoe recognises that we will build the Tūhoe nation with our minds, our hearts and our hands.

Iwi Registration

The purpose of Iwi Registration is to build the Tūhoe nation by registering in a central place the descendants of Tūhoe tipuna Tūhoe or Potiki and those who affiliate to a Tūhoe Marae and Tūhoe Hapū.  Your Iwi Register is based on Tūhoe whānau and Tūhoe hapū.

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