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Alerts and Important Information

myrtle rust - biodiversity risk to te urewera

Myrtle Rust is a plant based disease that can be detrimental to the well being of plants that belong to the Myrtaceae family. It has been found on Raoul Island 1100km north of Cape Reinga, on the east coast of Australia and has now made its way to New Zealand, recently discovered in a Northland nursery on the 02/05/2017. 

What is it? 
Myrtle Rust is a fungus which attacks only plants from the Myrtaceae family. This includes New Zealand native plants such as Pohutukawa, Rata, Manuka, Kanuka, Ramarama, Rohutu and Swamp maire. It also attacks introduced plants including feijoa, eucalypts and bottle-brush. 
It is important that we learn how to identify the fungus to determine if it has arrived to Te Urewera. It attacks the leaves and can suppress flowering and seed development on many of the host plants. Repeated infections can kill, although it is yet to be seen how it affects plants in New Zealand – it appears to affect some plants differently depending on the country it is found in. 
TUT considers the situation extremely serious, is monitoring it closely, and planning for the likelihood of its arrival to Te Urewera. The Ōnukurani team is researching to keep abreast of the progress of the disease, identifying potential methods of management, and developing a risk management plan. 
Being a fungus it is controllable in a small infection by application of a fungicide spray, but it is not possible to control a large outbreak by that manner. This means unfortunately, that an outbreak in Te Urewera may not be able to be eliminated or controlled.


The Te Urewera Visitor Centre at Lake Waikaremoana - Te Kura Whenua - has new winter hours and is now open Tuesdays - Saturdays: 8am to 4.30pm. Rowboat hire on Lake Waikareiti will be limited to these days. For further information call Te Kura Whenua on 06 837 3803


The all-weather access to Onepu Track from Tauwhare Omahuru Campsite (Ogilvies) is closed due to a large slip. The Onepu track is still open. Please use the main access via the Taurana River. An inspection of the slip is planned and we will provide an update following this. Contact Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua on 07 312 9659 for further information.

media release - manuhiri to te urewera

All Te Urewera catchments received significant amounts of rainfall from Ex-Cyclone Debbie resulting in many rivers exceeding historic peak flood levels.
This, combined with the extreme wind from Cyclone Cook, has left significant tree windfall damage to tracks in certain areas. Road closures has meant access is cut off to some areas in Te Urewera.
Visit Whakatane ( and Wairoa District Council ( websites for updates on the roads into Te Urewera.
Manuhiri looking to spend time in Te Urewera need to take extreme care while interacting with Te Urewera. Until inspected we advise avoiding routes and tracks where bridges are needed to cross waterways.
Manuhiri should prepare for significant track damage due to slips, tree-falls and bank erosion, and be prepared for impassable tracks.
For those Manuhiri camping in Te Urewera treat all drinking water by boiling it or using water purifying tablets.
While we conduct our inspections, we advise manuhiri to take extreme care while interacting with Te Urewera.
In the meantime if you do encounter damage to huts and tracks in Te Urewera and are happy to take pictures and feed this back to us, it would be much appreciated. This information can be emailed to or dropped off to our staff at Te Kura Whare, Tāneatua or Te Kura Whenua, Waikaremoana .
Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk Track 
Is temporarily closed until further notice, and we will update you as information comes in on changes to this status. Our team has identified a range of significant remedial works that needs to be completed, and are working towards opening part of the track as soon as safely possible.
Boating on Lake Waikaremoana
There is a significant amount of debris floating in the lake, carried down from the rivers and streams - extreme caution is necessary.
Matahi Valley Road
Matahi Valley Road past the Lions Hut is closed due to slips and with reopening expected at the end of May. 
To be kept up to date go to our website or follow our Te Urewera facebook page. All those booked to do the Great Walk over the next week contact Te Urewera Visitors Centre on 06 837 3803 or 06 837 3900 to make changes to your booking.


NZ Transport agency has confirmed work on the Pekatahi Bridge will start 7 February and will be finished in May 2017. 

The Pekatahi Bridge will be closed and a road diversion in place for approximately three months. White Pine Bush Road will be closed between Pekatahi Bridge and the junction of Taneatua Road. Traffic will be diverted via State Highway 30 and Whakatane (see map below). Access to Foster Road and Nuku Road will be from the Awakeri end of White Pine Bush Road. Uzabus will provide a school bus to and from Taneatua school for the affected families. 


Manuoha to Sandy Bay track Closure

The Manuoha to Sandy Bay track section is closed due to fallen trees across at the track. It will remain closed until contractors are able to clear this section.

Manuoha to Sandy Bay Closure_EDT

Our Te Urewera Visitor Centre team are on hand to suggest alternative Waikaremoana walks by calling (06) 837 3900.

9 November 2016


The Hereheretaua track, from Whanganui Hut to Hopuruahine, is temporarily closed due to track damage. 

Hereheretaua Closed_July 2016.GIF

19 July 2016

Lance's hut removed

Lances Hut has been removed due to erosion and offers no shelter or any facility to users at all. Please plan your trip with this in mind and take a temporary means of shelter with you.


19 July 2016

Midway hut closed

Midway Hut has been burnt to the ground and offers no shelter or any facility to users at all. Please plan your trip with this in mind and take a temporary means of shelter with you.

Otamatuna / Mangaone – No Hunting

A reminder to our Te Urewera hunters that no hunting is permitted in the Otamatuna and Mangaone area in the Waimana Valley.

Te Urewera needs your support to look after our kōkako, whio and kiwi sanctuary areas, to continue the good work that’s going on.

Reviewed 28 October 2015

For any queries regarding permits for hunting in Te Urewera please contact Moana at Te Uru Taumatua on (07) 312 9659 or email


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