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Tāneatua Village

Well, the completion of the Tāneatua Village is near – Oh boi!  We scaled a few mauna with that mahi.  The mission we had set for ourselves was a village lifestyle that enables the development of our people, kinship and our culture.   A way of life where we accept our responsibility to the whenua and to ourselves.  A place where we feel connected, safe and secure to be able to live our Tūhoetana everyday.

Whānau, we are now taking applications for the Tāneatua village!

Click on this link to read all about the village (Kawa), which should help you decide if the Village is right for you.

If you wish to make an application, click on this link to fill in the online form (Application form). Once we have received your application, we’ll be in touch to provide some further information about the process from here.


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